Built environments have a profound effect on how we experience our daily lives. Our team creates unique, functional, and cost-effective architectural designs for small to mid-sized projects. We specialize in commercial retail, office, light industrial, multi-family residential, interiors, and master planning. Our team translates high-level ideas into functional designs while aligning priorities and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

We collaborate with you from concept to completion to make the process as seamless as possible for you at every step of the way. Throughout your project, we keep you fully informed of progress, challenges, bylaws, building code requirements, and budget implications. Much like a funnel, we take all the information and gradually refine our focus, working our way down to the most intricate details.


We work closely with you to understand your vision and the end-user experience, including project requirements, scope, and context. Think ‘big picture.’ For inspiration, our team researches similar ideas, concepts, art, and existing buildings in order to recommend what will work for your new design. We also consider programming elements and analyze the site during this phase.


This is often when our clients have the most fun. As the name of this phase implies, we present conceptual sketches that incorporate the design features you require and desire, allowing you to see your vision in a physical format. We offer a few different ideas—or schemes—that each show a unique feature and loosely show the relationship between overarching components. After discussing and considering how different ideas embody your goals, we work with you to re-evaluate and adjust your original expectations where required to meet new schematic design criteria. We discuss the pros and cons of different approaches until we land on a final design that works for you and is within your budget and programming requirements.


The design development phase transforms your high-level ideas into realistic and tangible options that we scrutinize from every angle. We research products, materials, and logistics extensively, so you can evaluate each choice for aesthetics, practicality, and execution. Whether you are focused more on budget, beauty, durability, or environmental sustainability, we collaborate with all partners (e.g., construction, engineers) to solicit cost estimates and polish the design to align with your tastes and priorities. This is no small feat, as every selection you make impacts the overall project. We guide you through the process to make it as easy as possible to make confident decisions.


After completing the concept design, we prepare the drawings, notes, and technical specifications necessary for bidding, construction, and applying for permits. We translate the design into documents that can be quantified and constructed, revisiting earlier assumptions, addressing nuances, and ensuring everything comes together seamlessly. Working from one common building information model (BIM), we incorporate and coordinate structural, electrical, mechanical, and energy consultants to simulate the project in a virtual space.


Mazurick Architecture helps navigate the bidding process to select contractors and negotiate a construction contract. Whether you have a favourite contractor and want competitive bids, have no preferred contractor, or this is your first project of this kind, we make it easy for you to choose the right contractor for you and your project.


We visit the site periodically to monitor construction, ensure the intent is upheld, and address field conditions as they arise. We also evaluate contractor recommendations for better ways to construct components or substitute materials and decide whether to follow them based on relative merit and cost. Even minor deviations can dramatically impact the final product.


Mazurick Architecture fuses our integrated building information modelling technology with the most current virtual reality software.   The experience of a virtual walkthrough is superior to the already great experience of seeing your project in 3D on a large screen or projector. It enables you to get a feeling for space, materials and design, which you are not able to get through other ways, not even with an architectural model.  This technology provides our clients with a better understanding of the design as a whole and allows them to make modifications early in the design process.  This increases the efficiency of the project delivery schedule and helps to reduce design changes in future phases.